Aholds Online Grocery Shopping, Peapod Virtual Billboards A Gamechanger (smartphones,northeast,boston)


                                    Smartphone use is at a record high and growing (use among teenagers tripled between 2009 and 2011 1.7m --> 4.8m;  Global mobile subscribers now @5.8 billion, smartphone traffic tripled in 2011) and with more people relying on advanced forms of mobile communication, more people are taking an interest in virtual shopping.  Just last summer, Tesco unveiled its own virtual grocery shopping screens at a British airport;  Using a mobile application, shoppers are able to order what they want by interfacing with virtual screens.  Now Peapod is doing the same in Chicago and Philadelphia however their billboards are at commuter rail stations;  Peapod trialed the billboards last May in Chicago.

Seraphim's Advice :  Being America's largest grocery delivery service, Peapod must adjust its business practices to customer needs.  I think it says something when a mid sized grocer invests in over 100 billboard screens - there's a growing market out there that hasn't even been tapped.  Tesco and Peapod are two of only a handful of companies showing a real interest in catering to smartphone users.  Peapod trialed the screens last May at Chicago's State & Lake Station and now they're expanding to at least 100 other stations in half a dozen major US cities;  That tells me the trial was more than just successfull, the new concept could be game changing !  Note that each year the average commutor spends 200 hours just moving between locations. 

How orders are made :  After downloading the PeapodMobile application from Peapod's website, users are able to add any one of 12,000 products to a delivery list by scanning the barcodes.  Locations : Boston, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. 

Product Selection : Everything from cheeses, fresh foods, produce to pet food and even alcoholic beverages.

In addition to running a separate online business, Peapod also delivers groceriers to customers of its sister companies Ahold’s Stop & Shop and Giant Food Stores.  More .. On August 28, 2012 the Nielsen Group released a consumer report which showed that 26% of grocery shoppers plan to make food purchases via the internet.


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