Sobeys vs Loblaws: Who wins ?




With approximately 14M customers each week Loblaw Companies commands a whopping 40% of the grocery market in Canada.  That's almost twice that of Sobeys and its affiliated grocers (IGA, FreshCo, etc).  Though the number of locations overseen by both companies is similar, Loblaw's corporately-run Superstore locations (Real Canadian Superstore in central Canada) are almost 3X larger, giving Loblaws the edge when it comes to sheer size.

Over the last six months (ending March 2012) Loblaws sales were around $17B (+3%) compared to just over $8B for Empire Company Limited (+2%).  Net income for Sobeys though reasonable (around $200M), is down a considerable 25% from the previous period due to the inclusion of a large profit made from the sale of Wajax Income Fund.

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