Walmart HumanaVitality Partnership Promotes Healthy Eating (5% discount)


                 On October 15, 2012 health insurance company Humana will launch a program offering its 1.5 million HumanaVitality members a 5% discount on certain, healthier groceries purchased at Wal-Mart.  The offering comes just after HumanaVitality conducated a survey in which more than 80% of members  revealed that financial incentives would impact their eating habits.  With 11.1 million total customers, Humana has a large and extenstive customer base many   of whom may eventually join the wellness  program.

According to studies done by the United States Department of Agriculture, financial incentives are effective in steering people in a different direction when it comes to food choices.


HumanaVitality was launched last July as a partnership between Humana and Discovery Holdings.  Discovery Holdings is a key partner in the wellness program;  For the last 14 years Discovery Holdings used behavioral science to study ways of motivating people into making healthier food choices.

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