Save Money Discount Grocery Shopping Tips


Major grocers are facing higher food prices which is translating into higher grocery costs for consumers, the magnitude of which depends on other factors at play such as the intensity of competition between supermarkets, customer resistance to price hikes.  Do your homework and you could save big !

Ways to save

1)  Shop more often !   Most grocery chains offer deep discounts on food products nearing their best before date;  Products such as pies and juice don't actually go bad until days after the best before date is up.  If you're focused on eating what you get in the short term, getting foods close to the expiry date shouldn't be a problem.  The advantage ?  You save !

2)  Shop around !  Most of the time you'll find that different supermarkets have sales on different items.  Knowing where the sales are and restricting your purchases to those places leads to money saved.

3)  Grocery Flyers and Coupons !  In grocery flyers, the best deals are found near the front page, making it easier to determine what exactly is on sale.

4)  Don't put too much emphasis on the brand name.  In many cases private label brands utilize the same ingredient list.

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