Metro AG Cash & Carry Supermarkets

Germany-based Metro Group operates 5 different retail chains.  Each caters to a different type of shopper.

Metro Cash & Carry (46.8% of Fiscal 2011 sales) - Self-service wholesale chain of 717 supermarkets present in 29 countries (those countries are home to 3 billion people).  Locations are in the Middle East, North Africa, throughout Europe (West and East) as well as parts of Asia.  Product selection: ~50,000 (slightly above US supermarkets which are at ~40,000).  The first store opened in 1964.  Product selection includes ~17,000 food items, 30,000 non food items.  Jan 2013 opens 64th store in China.

Real (16.8% of group sales) - Concept created in 1992 through the merging of 13 different hypermarkets.  Most locations are in Germany (314 / 423 as of June 30, 2012);  Outside of Germany the chain is present in 5 European countries (Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Russia).  Hypermarkets are small to midsized (5,000 m2 --> 15,000 m2) and offer a large selection of products (~80,000) in fresh produce, electronics and clothing.  2006:  Walmart's German hypermarkets became part of the Real chain of stores.

Media Markt (incl Saturn, accounts for 30.9% of group sales) - Brands itself as a source of 'low priced consumer electronics'.  Main items are household appliances, computers, televisions, stereos, telecommunication equipment (up to 100,000 items).  Founded in 1979 Media Markt is present in 15 countries in Europe and Asia.

Saturn - Product selection is similar to Media Markt.  Locations are more urban (downtowns of major cities).  First location opened in 1961 was more focused on stereo equipment.  Merged with Media Markt in 1990 -- In 1996 both companies became part of Metro Group.  Notes:  Stores are relatively large (18,000 m2).  More engagement with consumers vs Media Markt (every store has experts offering free advice).  World's second biggest electronics retailer after Best Buy.  Each store is 10% owned by the store manager.  Located in 12 countries in Europe, Asia including Poland, Turkey, Portugal.

Galeria Kaufhof (5.2% of group sales) - This company operates 137 department stores in Germany (since 1879) and Belgium (since April 2001 when over a dozen Inno SA locations were taken over).  More than 9 million people are members of the Galeria loyalty program (circa 2000).