Kroger Private Label Brands

Simple Truth - organic food items, beverages, perishables       click brand name for more info

Private Selections® - frozen food (pizza/hamburgers/breads/other/desserts), premium kroger brand     Mirra Daily® - beauty products, shampoo   Comforts For Baby® - baby formula, diapers, wipes     Pet Pride® - dog and cat food, litter, training pads, treats    Big K® - soda pop      Value - processed food, condiments, frozen food, sliced bread, juice, coffee

Kroger - packaged snacks, coffee, bottled juice, bottled water, milk, cheeze, yogurt, frozen food (french fries, ice cream, etc), waffles, batteries, charcoal, wood, condiments, canned food, cereal, pasta sauce, hand soap, over-the-counter medication, vitamins, bagged meat, bagged seafood, lunch tubs, prepared low fat meals, low fat snacks

Kroger Home Sense - beauty products, cleaning solutions, toilet paper

Kroger Fresh Selections - bagged salads, bagged vegetables

Kroger Truly Awesome - cookies, yogurt, make-yourself meal packages (cheese dinners, etc)

Kroger Wholesome@Home - ready-to-eat chicken, pasta, deli, pizza, soups (hot and cold)

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