Refined Flour, Sucralose Not Good For Athletes


          Whole Foods (unprocessed/unhomogenized dairy/no carbohydrates/no additives) provide us with something that the food industry has taken for granted; nutrients ! Athletes in particular, require a high nutrient intake which is something that refined foods, like refined flour can't give them (supermarkets are making it easier to eat healthy; between 2007 and 2010 Carrefour increased the number of organic products at its stores, from 1236 to 1968).  Also note that refined carbs increase the bad VLDL cholesteral (generated after carbohydrate digestion) that's linked to clogged arteries.  It's not yet clear though if saturated fats (high in fast foods) are more unhealthy than other fats, in some studies it has been linked directly to an increase in LDL cholesteral while in others it was shown to be the same (people had better success on the low carb diet vs low fat diet).

Alcoholic beverages should also be discouraged since they cause dehydration to happen more quickly.  Also: keep your heart healthy ! Hydrogenated oils (margarine) and energy drinks have a negative effect on the heart;  Energy drinks cause heartbeat and blood pressure to change rapidly over short periods, the drinks also contain high amounts of caffeine which is addictive/can trick the body into thinking it is a replacement for water which causes dehydration.

Asparatame and sucralose should also be avoided.  Neither is natural (they are artificial chemicals).  Both have been linked to weight gain (stimulates appetite) and lupus which cripples the chances of anyone becoming an athlete.  Sucralose also contains chlorine, a substance that everyone agrees is toxic.

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