Eating Healthy ? Avoid Foods Containing These Common Ingredients (preservatives, food allergies, processed vs organic)

When grocery shopping, a lot of the foods we have to choose from contain preservatives, artificial flavors & colors, modified wheat & corn

with lots of calories but little in the way of nutritional value.  Then there are other things to look out for such as genetically modified soy, sodium/potasium benzoate, and nitrates which have been shown to promote cancer growth. 

It is impossible to completely avoid bread containing preservatives but that doesn't mean you can't be smart about it - stay away from breads with many different preservatives (potassium bromate, propionate and others).  Tell-tale sign your bread has too much in the way of preservatives:  best before date is longer than other breads.

Keep in mind that it's impossible to stay away from all of these ingredients - a lot of the food we're used to eating is perishable meaning not all preservatives can be avoided completely.  Likewise, the shelf life of canned foods can be lengthened with additives.  Though the debate rages on about the potential effects of eating these substances, the dangers posed by some are obvious (toxin chlorine in sucralose, soy lecithin is extracted using the toxic substance hexane).  Organic not always safe - soy lecithin allowed for use in organic chocolate despite 90% of soy crop being genetically modified.

Potassium Bromate - preservative added to bread to kill microorganisms.  if the bread contains too much of it the body will not break it down -> can accumulate in the body which is dangerous since it is known to be carcinogenic.

Propionates (general) - food additive added to bread.  many people have a food intolerance to propionates depending on

their degree of sensitivity.  In some cases it even affects the learning behavior of children.

Tartrazine and the Azo Dyes - Has strong coloring effect on food.  widespread use in chewy candy.  Like other azo food dyes [yellow 5 (kraft dinner)] tartrazine exacerbates ADHD, asthma, headaches.  people have even reported skin sensitivities (rashes).  Was banned in the UK due to a link found between it and ADHD cases. yellow 5 is also used to flavour nachos.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - improve the flavor of food.  used since 1910.  Though only a small fraction of the population has a food intolerance/immediate reaction to eating it (migraines, weakness, skin rashes, sick to stomach), on a long term basis there's consequences to eating it for everyone.  MSG effects are cumulative, that is to say eating a lot eventually causes one to have a food intolerance to it whether or not they did initially.  By overexciting the nervous system MSG has detrimental effects on the body.

Soy Lecithin - used as an emulsifier in chocolates and also as a texturizing agent.  contains phytoestrogen compounds known to cause hormonal problems in women.  Most soy comes from genetically modified crop - 90% for the United States, 58% globally.

Enriched Wheat - This is essentially refined wheat.  Before being enriched with vitamins riboflavin and thiamine, many other key nutrients are removed by a refining process which which strips out the main part of the grain - germ and bran.  the amount of fiber in one slice of bread can fall by as much as 70% (per slice: 0.7g vs 2.0g).  Also note that refined carbohydrates increase the bad VLDL cholesterol linked to clogged arteries.

Sucralose/Aspartame - Both are artificial (not naturally occuring).  Though the drinks containing them are lower in calories they stimulate appetite which can lead to weight gain.  Sucralose contains the toxin chlorine.  There's also a link between these additives and lupus.  sucralose side effects also cumulative.

Potassium & Sodium Benzoate - used as a preservative in carbonated drinks, soft drinks and fruit juices.  Potential carcinogenic effects - at a specific temperature (reached in the body) sodium benzoate can break down and combine with other compounds to form new ones known to be carcinogenic. 

With food prices going up, eating healthy can be difficult to do.  Best thing to do is to shop around.  The organic food industry is growing fast, the bigger it gets the better the prices will be.

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