United Kingdom supermarkets, retail food companies, wholesaler competition



major brands



   Tesco plc   healthy living, premium, everyday value, discount      3141  lse:tsco
    Asda   george, smart price. t/o a few netto/safeway stores         568  nyse:wmt
   Sainsbury's   basics,     1012  lse:sbry
   Morrisons   market street meats, kiddicare, nutmeg clothing,       471  lse:mrw
   The Co-operative    the co-operative food  2816/15distr     prvt
   Waitrose         291    prvt
   Aldi   cattlemen ranch, roseland, kirkwood, fit and active       580    prvt
   Lidl   fairglobe       421    prvt
   Iceland   big brands, ranch fried chicken, greggs (packg food)       814    prvt
   Costco   kirkland signature, (cobranding efforts)         24  nas:cost
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