supermarkets in Australia

 1985 - Woolworths buys Safeway.  November 23, 2007 - Wesfarmers pays $20 billion for Coles Supermarkets.


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   Woolworths Limited

    foodforless, flemings, safeway,

    countdown, thomas dux

     872       all  asx:wow 
   Coles Supermarkets

   coles, bi-lo, flybuys,

   pick'n'pay hypermarket

     741       all  asx:wes
   Aldi    aldi      277   victoria, nsw, qsld, capital  
   IGA Australia    iga, franklins,          all  asx:mts
   Foodland Group    foodland, iga      115   south australia, northern terr    
   Costco Australia    costco wholesale,         3   sydney, canberra,d ocklands  nas:cost
   Drake Supermarkets       drakes, iga, foodland       40       south australia  

 notes - Grocery market accounts for nearly 3/4 of total retail food spending.  The top two players are Woolworths (40%) and Coles-Wesfarmers (30%).  Largest foreign player is German grocery chain Aldi (7%).  Costco tripled the number of location in the last quarter of 2012 (1 -> 3).  The top 2 players share of the market grew substantially since 1991 - in 1991 combined they held a 50.5% share - 65% in 2000.

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