Loblaw Companies Private Label Brands Owned

Loblaw Companies (TSX:L) oversees more than 1000 supermarkets across Canada (Dec 2012: 1053 (580 corporate/473 franchised) +7 vvs 2011, +26 vs 2010).  There are under 20 different grocery chains directly associated with Loblaws, many are regionally focused (Atlantic Superstore in the Maritimes / Maxi in Quebec / Zehrs in Ontario) while others cater to a specific type of shopper (T&T Supermarkets serve the ethnic market - Canada's fastest growing demographic).  In addition to food Loblaws sells its own line of clothing - more recently launched Joe Fresh Style is a top three apparel brand in Canada.  1999 was the year Loblaw Companies gained significant market share in Quebec: 1.8% to 27.8% (acquired Canada's #3 grocery chain Provigo and its Maxi & Cie supermarkets).  Sales reached $30 billion in 2008, $20 billion in 2000. 

No Name - Generic brand introduced by Loblaws in 1978.  In the first year the number of products sold under the No Name label increased from 16 to over 100 (1979: 5% of sales).  Within months of being introduced, the company launched No Frills - only after 2007 did No Frills expand beyond Ontario - Between 1998 and 2012 No Frills added 96 locations (79 to 175).

Presidents Choice - Introduced during the mid 1980's as a premium label.  It has since become the company's second most used brand label.  Today, the standalone PC line is considered more of a mainline label than a premium one (Loblaws has since introduced a number of new labels, many of them marketed as being more organic and natural).  Covers everything from soft drinks to cereals to ice cream.

  • PC Blue Menu - Healthier food choices (Deli meats, frozen seafood, dinners, etc).  Marketed as being low in fat/sodium, high in fibre and
  • omega-3. Spin-off of President's Choice.  400 products to choose from.
  • PC Green - Cleansing products such as diapers, cloths, liquid sprays, dishwasher detergent.  There's also a lawn and garden product line.
  • PC Organics - PC products that qualify as organic.  Products include baby food, yogurt, frozen pizza, perishables, snacks, bottled goods.

PC Financial - Financial products and services.  Time and savings accounts, credit card offerings.  Joint venture with CIBC began in 1996.  CIBC is the smallest of Canada's big five banks.

Marketing Campaigns:  Zehrs - 3000 prices lowered  No Frills - Won't Be BeatSuperstore - Prices Rounded Down 

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