Safeway Label Brands Supermarkets

Safeway is North America's third largest chain of supermarkets with 1700 locations across Canada and the United States.  Own-private label brands cover more than 3000 products.  Safeway Club Card loyalty program launched in the 1990s.  Between 1962 and 1987 Safeway operated in the United Kingdom.  At one time there were also stores in Australia and Germany.

  • Basic Red — napkins, bread
  • Bright Green — includes napkins, laundry solution, spray liquid cleansers, light bulbs.  environment friendly
  • The Butcher's Cut — packaged pork/ham, ground beef, frozen meat.  In 2010 recalled 1 million pounds of frozen beef
  • Captains Choice — Seafood brand (frozen fish and filets) used circa 1950
  • Country Hearth - bread (stone gound whole weat, white) associated with Safeway Kitchens
  • Conti Gourmet Coffee — Gourmet coffee (regular, dry ice), distribution is out of Texas
  • Dairy Glen — dairy products ice cream, milk, treats. advertised as rBST free (along with Lucerne) circa 1998
  • The Deli Counter — cold cut meats
  • Eating Right — perishables (fresh vegetables, salad dressing), frozen pizza, entrees, juice. low in calories.
  • Firefly Ridge — value branded wine (alcoholic) since 2004 
  • Gourmet Meat Shoppe — frozen meats seafood, beef/hamburgers (specialty).  In 2002 hamburger products recalled over bacterial outbreak.

In Kind — Introduced during 3Q of 2010.  Shampoo, soap, lotions, conditioners, facial cleansers with a high content of natural ingredients.  slogan "be kind to yourself with in kind"

  • Jerseymaid — dairy products brand inherited by Safeway when it merged with Vons Cos in 1996-1997
  • Lucerne — Core dairy brand - milk, cheeses, yogurt
  • Manor House — main product is frozen turkeys
  • Mom to Mom — products for baby, milk formulas, diapers
  • O Organics — wide ranging selection of organic products including olive oil, milk, cereal, bagged veggies
  • Open Nature — natural food items with simple ingredients.  180 products across 36 categories.  bakery, deli, frozen, cereals, peanut butter
  • Oven Joy — bread --white enriched and 100% whole wheat
  • Pantry Essentials — Value branded products.  Product line includes plastic cups, napkins
  • Primo Taglio — deli products include specialty roast beef, roast turkey, flavoured chicken
  • Priority — dry, canned cat food and dog food.  pet litter, toys
  • The Produce Stand — packaged fruits and vegetables, party platters
  • Ranchers Reserve — gourmet branded meats
  • Refreshe — bottled water and pop (prior to 2010 only water)
  • Remarkable
  • Safeway — own-products not included in a separate category
  • Signature Cafe — side dishes such as soups and salads
  • Waterfront Bistro — frozen seafood
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