• Walmart Brands Open or Close

    Active Brands           

    • ClothingGeorge (1990), Baby George, Simply Basic, Faded Glory 
    • Homelines:  Hometrends, Canopy, Better Homes and Gardens, Your Zone
    • Pharmacy:  Equate 
    • Furniture:  Mainstays  
    • Pet Food:  Ol' Roy (1983), Special Kitty
    • Food:  Dr. Thunder, Marketside, Oak Leaf, World Table, Fire Side Gourmet, Parent's Choice (2010), Great Value (1993), Sam's Choice (1991)
  • Kroger Private Label Brands Open or Close

    Simple Truth - organic food items, beverages, perishables       click brand name for more info

    Private Selections® - frozen food (pizza/hamburgers/breads/other/desserts), premium kroger brand     Mirra Daily® - beauty products, shampoo   Comforts For Baby® - baby formula, diapers, wipes     Pet Pride® - dog and cat food, litter, training pads, treats    Big K® - soda pop      Value - processed food, condiments, frozen food, sliced bread, juice, coffee

    Kroger - packaged snacks, coffee, bottled juice, bottled water, milk, cheeze, yogurt, frozen food (french fries, ice cream, etc), waffles, batteries, charcoal, wood, condiments, canned food, cereal, pasta sauce, hand soap, over-the-counter medication, vitamins, bagged meat, bagged seafood, lunch tubs, prepared low fat meals, low fat snacks

    Kroger Home Sense - beauty products, cleaning solutions, toilet paper

    Kroger Fresh Selections - bagged salads, bagged vegetables

    Kroger Truly Awesome - cookies, yogurt, make-yourself meal packages (cheese dinners, etc)

    Kroger Wholesome@Home - ready-to-eat chicken, pasta, deli, pizza, soups (hot and cold)

  • Tesco Labels Open or Close

    Tesco commands a 29.9% market share in the United Kingdom grocery market (3mo December 8, 2013) down from 30.1% October 2013.. Full report -> UK Grocery Market Share

     Tesco branded items fall under 1 of 5 broad range categories:  Tesco Everyday Value, Tesco Discount, Tesco Standard, Tesco Heathy Living, Tesco Finest.  Tesco also offers banking and insurance services through subsidiary Tesco Bank.  Note:  Tesco sells more than 4000 locally grown products.

    2011 marked the launch of Tesco Premium - Tesco Premium consists of non-Tesco brands (Chokablok chocolates/ice cream, Naturally Powered cleaning products, Lathams + Nutricat pet food, Parioli pasta, Halo feminine hygiene, llams snacks).

    Tesco Everyday Value (known as Value up til April 2012)  - Tesco Value launched in 1993.  The Value brand consists of ~550 products mostly canned goods.  This is probably Tesco's most important label brand considering the own-label discount market in the UK is growing at +9% a year.

    Market Share British Grocers

    Grocery share

    December 8, 2013

    inflation +3.0%

    August 18, 2013

    inflation +3.9%

    May 12 2013



    April 14


    April 15





      29.9%  +0.04%

      30.2%  +2.0%

    30.8 -> 30.2%

    29.9% 30.7% 30.9%


      16.9%  +0.06%   17.1%  +2.1% 17.4 -> 17.2% 17.5% 17.6% 17.0%

      16.8%  +1.8%

      16.5%  +4.9%

    16.5 -> 16.8%

    16.9% 16.6% 16.6%
    Morrison's   11.6%  +0.8%   11.3%  +1.8%

    11.9 -> 11.6%

    11.5% 11.9% 12.1%

        4.7%  +6.7%

        4.8%  +9.1%

     4.5 ->   4.9%

    4.9% 4.5% 4.3%

        4.0% +30.7%

        3.7% +31.9%

     2.8 ->   3.5%

    3.4% 2.7% 2.2%

        3.1% 15.5%

        3.1% +14.9%

     2.8 ->   3.0% 3.0% 2.8% 2.6%
    Iceland     2.1%       2.0%  +4.0%  2.0% +5.2% 2.0% 2.0% 1.9%



  • Metro AG Cash & Carry Supermarkets Open or Close

    Germany-based Metro Group operates 5 different retail chains.  Each caters to a different type of shopper.

    Metro Cash & Carry (46.8% of Fiscal 2011 sales) - Self-service wholesale chain of 717 supermarkets present in 29 countries (those countries are home to 3 billion people).  Locations are in the Middle East, North Africa, throughout Europe (West and East) as well as parts of Asia.  Product selection: ~50,000 (slightly above US supermarkets which are at ~40,000).  The first store opened in 1964.  Product selection includes ~17,000 food items, 30,000 non food items.  Jan 2013 opens 64th store in China.

    Real (16.8% of group sales) - Concept created in 1992 through the merging of 13 different hypermarkets.  Most locations are in Germany (314 / 423 as of June 30, 2012);  Outside of Germany the chain is present in 5 European countries (Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Russia).  Hypermarkets are small to midsized (5,000 m2 --> 15,000 m2) and offer a large selection of products (~80,000) in fresh produce, electronics and clothing.  2006:  Walmart's German hypermarkets became part of the Real chain of stores.

    Media Markt (incl Saturn, accounts for 30.9% of group sales) - Brands itself as a source of 'low priced consumer electronics'.  Main items are household appliances, computers, televisions, stereos, telecommunication equipment (up to 100,000 items).  Founded in 1979 Media Markt is present in 15 countries in Europe and Asia.

    Saturn - Product selection is similar to Media Markt.  Locations are more urban (downtowns of major cities).  First location opened in 1961 was more focused on stereo equipment.  Merged with Media Markt in 1990 -- In 1996 both companies became part of Metro Group.  Notes:  Stores are relatively large (18,000 m2).  More engagement with consumers vs Media Markt (every store has experts offering free advice).  World's second biggest electronics retailer after Best Buy.  Each store is 10% owned by the store manager.  Located in 12 countries in Europe, Asia including Poland, Turkey, Portugal.

    Galeria Kaufhof (5.2% of group sales) - This company operates 137 department stores in Germany (since 1879) and Belgium (since April 2001 when over a dozen Inno SA locations were taken over).  More than 9 million people are members of the Galeria loyalty program (circa 2000). 

  • Empire-Sobeys Brands Open or Close

    Mainline:  Compliments, Signal [bread, potato chips, canned goods, jams, maple syrup]  Organic:  Balance, Organic, Sensations, Greencare   Soda:  Big 8   

    Signal was launched in 2010

    Empire Company includes Sobeys, IGA, Foodland, Tradition, Benichoix, Freshco, Thrifty Foods, Price Chopper, Needs,

  • Costco Brands Open or Close

    Mainline (1995):  Kirkland Signature  Co-Branding (2007):  Disney (food),  Newman's (juice),  Borghese (cosmetics)

    Costco's definition of co-branding:  Co-branded items are "different either in forumula, ingredients, size or something that improves the quality and value".  Costco Wholesale's co-branding efforts earned it the 2008 Storebrand Leadership Award.


    • Costco carries ~4,000 different items compared to 40,000 at a typical supermarket and 150,000 at a Wal-Mart Supercenter
    • Kirkland Signature branded items make up 15% of all items sold at Costco but contribute 20% of total revenues
  • Safeway Label Brands Supermarkets Open or Close

    Safeway is North America's third largest chain of supermarkets with 1700 locations across Canada and the United States.  Own-private label brands cover more than 3000 products.  Safeway Club Card loyalty program launched in the 1990s.  Between 1962 and 1987 Safeway operated in the United Kingdom.  At one time there were also stores in Australia and Germany.

    • Basic Red — napkins, bread
    • Bright Green — includes napkins, laundry solution, spray liquid cleansers, light bulbs.  environment friendly
    • The Butcher's Cut — packaged pork/ham, ground beef, frozen meat.  In 2010 recalled 1 million pounds of frozen beef
    • Captains Choice — Seafood brand (frozen fish and filets) used circa 1950
    • Country Hearth - bread (stone gound whole weat, white) associated with Safeway Kitchens
    • Conti Gourmet Coffee — Gourmet coffee (regular, dry ice), distribution is out of Texas
    • Dairy Glen — dairy products ice cream, milk, treats. advertised as rBST free (along with Lucerne) circa 1998
    • The Deli Counter — cold cut meats
    • Eating Right — perishables (fresh vegetables, salad dressing), frozen pizza, entrees, juice. low in calories.
    • Firefly Ridge — value branded wine (alcoholic) since 2004 
    • Gourmet Meat Shoppe — frozen meats seafood, beef/hamburgers (specialty).  In 2002 hamburger products recalled over bacterial outbreak.

    In Kind — Introduced during 3Q of 2010.  Shampoo, soap, lotions, conditioners, facial cleansers with a high content of natural ingredients.  slogan "be kind to yourself with in kind"

    • Jerseymaid — dairy products brand inherited by Safeway when it merged with Vons Cos in 1996-1997
    • Lucerne — Core dairy brand - milk, cheeses, yogurt
    • Manor House — main product is frozen turkeys
    • Mom to Mom — products for baby, milk formulas, diapers
    • O Organics — wide ranging selection of organic products including olive oil, milk, cereal, bagged veggies
    • Open Nature — natural food items with simple ingredients.  180 products across 36 categories.  bakery, deli, frozen, cereals, peanut butter
    • Oven Joy — bread --white enriched and 100% whole wheat
    • Pantry Essentials — Value branded products.  Product line includes plastic cups, napkins
    • Primo Taglio — deli products include specialty roast beef, roast turkey, flavoured chicken
    • Priority — dry, canned cat food and dog food.  pet litter, toys
    • The Produce Stand — packaged fruits and vegetables, party platters
    • Ranchers Reserve — gourmet branded meats
    • Refreshe — bottled water and pop (prior to 2010 only water)
    • Remarkable
    • Safeway — own-products not included in a separate category
    • Signature Cafe — side dishes such as soups and salads
    • Waterfront Bistro — frozen seafood
  • Loblaw Companies Private Label Brands Owned Open or Close

    Loblaw Companies (TSX:L) oversees more than 1000 supermarkets across Canada (Dec 2012: 1053 (580 corporate/473 franchised) +7 vvs 2011, +26 vs 2010).  There are under 20 different grocery chains directly associated with Loblaws, many are regionally focused (Atlantic Superstore in the Maritimes / Maxi in Quebec / Zehrs in Ontario) while others cater to a specific type of shopper (T&T Supermarkets serve the ethnic market - Canada's fastest growing demographic).  In addition to food Loblaws sells its own line of clothing - more recently launched Joe Fresh Style is a top three apparel brand in Canada.  1999 was the year Loblaw Companies gained significant market share in Quebec: 1.8% to 27.8% (acquired Canada's #3 grocery chain Provigo and its Maxi & Cie supermarkets).  Sales reached $30 billion in 2008, $20 billion in 2000. 

    No Name - Generic brand introduced by Loblaws in 1978.  In the first year the number of products sold under the No Name label increased from 16 to over 100 (1979: 5% of sales).  Within months of being introduced, the company launched No Frills - only after 2007 did No Frills expand beyond Ontario - Between 1998 and 2012 No Frills added 96 locations (79 to 175).

    Presidents Choice - Introduced during the mid 1980's as a premium label.  It has since become the company's second most used brand label.  Today, the standalone PC line is considered more of a mainline label than a premium one (Loblaws has since introduced a number of new labels, many of them marketed as being more organic and natural).  Covers everything from soft drinks to cereals to ice cream.

    • PC Blue Menu - Healthier food choices (Deli meats, frozen seafood, dinners, etc).  Marketed as being low in fat/sodium, high in fibre and
    • omega-3. Spin-off of President's Choice.  400 products to choose from.
    • PC Green - Cleansing products such as diapers, cloths, liquid sprays, dishwasher detergent.  There's also a lawn and garden product line.
    • PC Organics - PC products that qualify as organic.  Products include baby food, yogurt, frozen pizza, perishables, snacks, bottled goods.

    PC Financial - Financial products and services.  Time and savings accounts, credit card offerings.  Joint venture with CIBC began in 1996.  CIBC is the smallest of Canada's big five banks.

    Marketing Campaigns:  Zehrs - 3000 prices lowered  No Frills - Won't Be BeatSuperstore - Prices Rounded Down 

  • Metro Inc private brands labels Open or Close

    Quebec grocer Metro Incorporated (TSX:MRU, NASDAQ:MTRAF) is Canada's third largest chain of supermarkets (sales >$12 billion or 33% less than Sobeys, total assets 25% lower vs Empire Company Nov 2012: $6.8971B vs $5.1504B).  It oversees 564 total locations (December 2011).  Unlike both Loblaw Companies and Empire Company Ltd, Metro Inc operates only in the retail food industry (Loblaws is also in apparel, banking, mobile services, Empire Company is diversified with gas stations, theaters).  Metro Inc also oversees the grocery chains Food Basics (discount food market) and Super C.  As of November 2012 Metro Inc has 9% more long term debt than Sobeys.

    Hémisphère Wine

    • Fruity and Vibrant, Fruity and Medium Bodied, Arromatic and Supple, Aromatic and Robust


    • Irresistables Life Smart,
    • Irresistibles Market Fresh
    • Irresistables Organic
    • Buttery Beauties
    • Fresh Chicken
    • Irresistibles Gluten Free

    Le Petit Charcutier


    • Selections Eco
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