Metro Group, Carrefour Expanding in China - wholesalers

The Facts : In 2012 Taiwan based RT-Mart opened 34 new stores in China compared to 30 for Walmart, 18 for Carrefour, 14 for Tesco, 12 for Metro AG

Metro Group - According to company chair Olaf Koch the German mega retailer will be more aggressive in tackling the Chinese market next year.  Last year in 2012 China was home to 12 new Metro AG Cash & Carry's (52->64 in 46 cities) - that led to company sales rising by 23% to $2.44 billion accounting for 2.8% of international sales / 6.0% of total Cash & Carry revenue.  That's significant since total revenue was up only 1.2% on the year ... making growth opportunities in China something the company cannot take for granted.  Metro AG opened up shop in China in 1996.

Carrefour Group   18 new stores in China in 2012

Since selling a controlling stake in Carrefour Indonesia to CT Group for $673 million, Carrefour Asia has become almost entirely reliant on its business in China.  March 2013  - Asia home to 371 consolidated locations 352 of which are hypermarkets (+2).  Over the last year Carrefour opened its first four cash & carry locations in Asia.  Last year sales up 10.3% (€5800 -> €6400) compared to 0% outside of Asia (€70,266 -> €70,389).

In 2012 China was the recipient of virtually all of Carrefour's €257 million in capital expenditures which is notable since Asia capex was up +33% last year (down -33% everywhere else : 1919 -> 1290).

Tesco, Carrefour, Walmart increasingly reliant on international operations

In the first quarter of this year international business accounted for 55.4% of Carrefour sales (€11.548b) up from 53.7% in 2011 even though the company has since divested itself of the world's biggest discount chain Dia.

In 2012 Tesco received 40.6% of its revenue from outside the UK, that's up from 39.2% in 2011.  International sales will decline in 2013 due to the company's exit from the United States and Japan (sales of £2,326 million in 2012). 

In 2011 sales in Asia eclipsed sales in Europe (ex UK); in 2012 revenue from Asia eclipsed revenue from Europe by about £1 billion.

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