Canada Food Labelling, Redefining The Term Locally Grown (Canadian food inspection agency)


            For decades now, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has allowed only food grown within the municipality or 50 kilometers from the place it was sold to be marketed and labelled as 'local' but that's going to change starting in June 2013.  The layout of communities has changed drastically over the last twenty years leading farms and other agricultural sources to move further away from the communities they serve.  Additionally, globalization means more of the food you eat travels further than ever before; in the United States for example, the average grocery store's produce travels over 2400 km from farm to refrigerator - giving higher precedence to food that's grown within the province or territory in which it is sold even if the distance is in the hundreds of kilometers.

The modernized local food claims policy recognizes food that
- is produced within the territory or province in which it is sold
- is sold across provincial borders within 50 km of the originating province.

+ The change is a step forward as it gives more opportunities for Canadian farmers to sell their product.
+  More competition among farmers means better food prices.
+  More opportunities for consumers to buy local.

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